Contemporary : Arts Printing House

Zoo (Sanctuary)

5th – 20th August


Stagecraft: 4.png Choreography: 4.png Performance:4.png

Located in an old church at the Pleasance, this show was made for this environment. Dance and Theatre comblending in such an angelic space can only add to the occasion.  We begin… darkness is thrown aside and sporadic light emerges, three figures appearing, cocooned in posture. Then romanesque, statue-like, Tuscan-sculptured bodies are brought into life & into dance and into movement. Birth & growth, their shape and positions transfix you. Silhouetted against a dark background they expose you to a collision of thoughts. Lying in the fetus position, while twitching and constricting, they produced a beautiful, yet spooky sense of emotion. A most exhilarating experience.

With a sudden BANG! The show changes direction. An injection of comedy is unleashed upon the unsuspecting audience & all becomes clear – this is a show within a show. A concoction of dance, theatre, comedy, dramatic arts and music straight from a ‘Tangerine Dream‘ film score sends us into unexpected bewilderment.  The art of contemporary dance is clear to see, & imagination is a welcome friend when a story is being told through the art of theatrical dance. Crafted to allow each movement to tell a part of the story… you are hooked, like a fish on a line, unable to break free. Compelling, this show feels like it is being constructed for the audience while it is at one with the audience. Genius !!!

This is a show that has been well thought-out… with good foundations and structure it opens the doors of perception. Delivered with real heart and happiness the choreography then spoke for itself . Gripping, shocking, funny, enthralling, these are just a few emotions purveyed throughout the show.  Hypnotic and even spellbinding at times, it leaves you clutching at thoughts… You will be surprised and clearly baffled but not disappointed . Challenge your entertainment, change you diary entries and go see Contemporary: Dance and Theatre and be left feeling reborn….

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie


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