Greenside @ Nicolson Square

Aug 16-20 (11.30)


Stagecraft: 5 Choreography: 5 Performance:4.png 

IMG_20160816_113722388.jpgLast year, LCP Dance Theatre brought their ‘I Am’ to Edinburgh, with it winning three stars from us. I actually saw the show with my reviewer, & tended to agree with her verdict. A year later, then, I was wondering what LCP had done to tweak their outlook & performance – & lets just say a year in the drawing room has done wonders. The beating heart of the company is Joanna Puchala, who creates & participates in her outlandish visions like an Amazonian poetess.

Her website tells us that LCP, ‘raise awareness of human rights issues. We use stage performance, live music and film. We are a not for profit. We operate as a network of artists…We use real life stories to create a choreography. We combine movement with acting and other forms of performing arts. to add dramaturgy and truth to the stage performance.’ Last year, they were not quite there, the dramaturgy went off the boil in places, but Escape is a true joy, a genuine emotion-tendering piece that glues one to one’s seat & one’s eyes firmly fixating upon the dancers. Their theme, this year, is Escape – the flood of immigrants into Europe among them, a story which is backed up by fragmentary documentaries – but it is through the medium of physical movement that the theme is properly explored.



There are two dancers at hand, with Joanna being accompanied by JC Baile –  two diminutive, blond-haired, highly-toned athletic damsels, whose perfect physique would not be out of place at the Rio Olympics right now. Theirs is a thought-provoking, muse-immersive piece of theatre, where the stagecraft is marvelous – a blend of film, light & physical use of the silken swing combining into a visual treat. All that is before the dancing; which is modern, moving, muscular & magnificent. The girls are passionate on their own, passionate together, constantly flowing in perfect time to the moody, majestic score by  Stefano Guzzetti. When they enter the silken swing, they produce hypnotic & fascinating aesthetics, especially in the triumphant beating heart scene – which is a masterwork of dance theatre – I’ve never seen anything with so much realism, so much quality, so much poetry, in Dance. It turns out that LCP & Escape  are in town for just a few days, so I really urge anyone – dance lovers or otherwise – to catch them while they are.

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen


THE MUMBLE –  Hi Joanna, great show, very artistic body-movements – did you design these yourself & what inspirations did you draw on for them

THE MUMBLE – Yes I did design it by myself. I was inspired by the nature, such as : water, wind, moon, stars, storm to show the tragedy of the refugees who have to go through the hell like drawing in the sea and never see the promised land. Those who survive can get to the promised land and find their new lives….


Joanna in action

THE MUMBLE –Can you tell us more about the use of the swing in your show

JOANNA –To show the pain and happiness, the emotions arising from one’s feelings while leaving the home and struggling to find a new one. To show the reflection of the lights, shape of the body, breath, touch, video projection from a different prospective. Aerial contact Impro, pare work between dancers and their relationship with the fabric and their bodies wights distribution


JC Baile with LCP Dance Theatre

THE MUMBLE –Can you tell us more about your dancing partner & your personal chemistry

JOANNA – JC came from Australia 3 months ago. I met her through my other dancer Who recommended her to me. JC and I went on very well since the beginning. JC is a very mature and sensitive artist, her artistic intelligence is remarkable and we complement each other. It’s really easy to work with her and generate the material for the choreography and perform. She explores the contact Impro and the aerial dance. We both developed the aerial contact Impro which is quite an interesting addition to the dance theatre.

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