In The Wine

The Java Dance Theater. Assembly Checkpoint
Aug 4th – 29th
Aesthetic: 5 Choreography: 5 Performance:5
This was one nice surprise, as I didnae have a clue what I was going to review. Having slept for two hours after a night of Rock n Roll excess, performing and dancing. The Mumble editor contacted me and asked me if I would review a dance piece. Having jumped at the chance to review today’s show, I wanted the dancing itself to inform me of the subject matter. I didnae even look at the show’s title on the ticket. Dance, I believe, is my favorite type of show to review and the venue in which the performance was held was an old haunt. It was once The Forest Cafe,  a community hub in which I ran a healing evening in the very space that today’s performance was held.
In The Wine has been brougth to Edinburgh by the Java Dance Theater, which has since 2003 captured audiences in New Zealand and internationally with a visceral dance theater that clambers into the senses. They create and performing original dance theater works built on intense physicality, sensory engagement and full audience immersion. Today’s dancing began with a character that represented Lilith the temptress, a most beautiful, slim lady, as naked as the day she was born. Enticing an equally attractive gentleman into The Garden Of Eden, the dance centered around the human senses. Sight, Taste, Touch. Hearing. Each of these were perfectly portrayed to the most sublime of musical compositions, performed live by cello and violin This really is a brilliant performance that electrifies the very senses that are being represented. Throughout the proceedings, masterful choreography is on display, masterminded by the lead dancer herself, Sarah Gatzonis.
I was thrilled by the whole performance, both beautifully alive and emotive, the portrayal of the senses was most convincing. It wasnae until I was invited to a wine tasting of the wines that I realized that the performance was in fact about the process of making wine -created by the New Zealand winery that sponsored the company to come to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. I’m not a drinker. So got drunk rather quickly. Sensory engagement and full audience immersion. What a thrilling ride. All in all Magnificent.
Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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