10-12th August
The Playhouse 
£5 to £32

Inala is a perfect example of what can be achieved in art when a great idea and some of the finest talent come together on a production. Combining the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the choreography and ideas of The Sisters Grimm; this was an impressive mix of African culture, music and dance with traditional ballet.

The dancers mimicked bird like creatures, contorting into animalistic shapes, they performed somber funeral mourning rituals expressing both the sadness and transcendental nature of death and came together for well co-ordinated movements tailored to the beautiful accompanying music of Lady Smith Black Mambazo; whose voices lifted the audience to the plains of Africa. This is a truly moving and polished performance and it is a delight to see dance productions reflecting a combination of different cultures. In what is becoming a rapidly globalised world, it seems fitting that our art should reflect the reality of a growing multi-cultural reality. An original and mesmerizing explosion of talent. Five stars 

Reviewer : Antoinette Thirgood



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