Madame Freedom

Kings Theatre

August 20th to 21st

£12 to £30
madame freedom
 Madame Freedom some kind of homage to the classic Korean film of the same name. Which was in itself a comment on Korean people, in particular women, being seduced by western influences. That’s fine, but but my experience was of a sexually androgynous dancer gliding effortlessly to a backdrop that switched between scenes from said film to hypnotic computer imagery. All backed up with a soundtrack of complex electronica and trad-jazz from the film score.
    OK, so the computer imagery at times resembled a particularly flashy windows screensaver (no presets here) and the electronica occasionally came closer to Cefax techno than Vangelis. But never the less the trip the combination of all these elements provided was both dream like and spiritual. The enigmaticism of it only enhancing it’s beauty. Kind of in the spirit of a film by David Lynch or a great piece of contemporary classical music. A truly elevating experience. And while I did not quite get my life changed by it I definitely felt like I had been taken somewhere alien, mesmerizing and spiritually enhancing. All in all kind of like a prolonged, and reasonably fruitful meditation session. FOUR STARS
Reviewer – Steve Vickers

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