The Booking Dance Festival
16-17th Aug
This afternoon’s offering from the Booking Dance Festival featured 5 performances from 3 different companies (Dzul Dance, BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance & Synthesis Dance Project). Each vignette contrasting with the one before. From a solitary dancer suspended 25ft above the stage by a strip of cloth, spinning & twirling hypnotically in the spotlight to the sound of African drums, to 5 performers tumbling & gyrating along to haunting, metallic percussion by a live on-stage drummer.

Pick of the bunch was Synthesis Dance Project’s ‘Unravel’ (a world premier). Set to a stunning vocal interpretation of Ravel’s Bolero by Angelique Kidjo, we witnessed a beguiling, energetic & balletic version of the Tango performed in a semi circle of roses. The dancer faced the back of the stage giving the effect that we were seeing this from a unique backstage perspective, looking out over the dancer to her own imagined audience.  Festival organiser Jodi Kaplan has again brought together the best of dance from New York to serve up a show that’s as diverse as it was enchanting. A definite must see for fans of modern & contemporary dance. FOUR STARS

Check out the following for booking info & news of upcoming performances.

Reviewer – Roy

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