Booking Dance Festival


14-18 Aug




This is the fifth time in a row  that the Booking Dance Festival has graced Edinburgh during August, & must be once more welcomed with enthusiasm. This year Seven different companies strut their stuff on the phantastic stage at the EICC, six from the US & one from Mozambique, giving the audience a great banquet of dance upon which to feast. Each ‘course’ lasts between ten & fifteen minutes, five of which are ‘world premiers.’

Bodystories teaser

Alltogether there are nine pieces, highlights of which were by Thodos Dance (Chicago), who ressurected the works of seminal 60’s choreographer Bobb Fosse, & Terese Fellion Dance (New York City), whose ‘Bodystories’ is a chic piece of dance-theatre. Each piuece is accompanied by sophisticated & enchasnting soundscapes, & the whole experience of seeing some of America’s best dancers one after another leaves a happy after-glow. One for all the family, in fact kid’s tickets are only a fiver, & a definte FIVE STARS


Reviewer – Damo Bullen

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